Drag and Drop layouts with Block Manager

Anastasia features an easy to use and clever block manager.

The block manager in Anastasia is a place to put your content blocks and it is usually the place to start building your site.

The grids shown are mimicking your theme's layout. You can check it out by clicking on the icon next to the help icon.

The block manager consists of Layouts, Sections, Grids and Blocks

  • Layouts are seperated as Tabs on top of the block manager
  • Sections are rows of grids. Generaly, a layout is divided in 3 rows: Header,Body,Footer (but it can have more. This depends on the current theme.)
  • Grids are groups of blocks
  • Blocks are the actual content blocks

Layouts can be created by addons, pages or the theme itself. For more information on page layouts, please visit the pages creation page and click on the help icon

Sections consist of 2 types. Default sections and simple layouts. The default layouts can be changed only from the default layout.

Each grid, allows you to add content blocks by clicking on the icon. Grids are the gray boxes.

Blocks (the light blue ones) are content blocks. Content blocks are created by Anastasia,addons,and themes. They are responsible for displaying content. They can be moved around by simple drag n drop and their order can be changed by changing their position number.

Block manager

The block manager is where your site's layout is populated with content blocks. You can have different content blocks and layouts for specific pages or plugin layouts. Blocks can be moved around and re-ordered.

Adding blocks is easy as clicking the plus icon on each grid

Modal dialog adding a block

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