Easy Administration

Anastasia features an easy and intuitive administration area. All icons and links are explained with tooltips to help the user understand what they do.

Anastasia Publishing Platform Dashboard

Everything is there for you.

The admin area is divided into five sections:

1. The sidebar

The sidebar is where content actions are. From here, you can manage pages,comments and plugin content.

2. The search box

The search box is where you can search all content and assets on your site. You can even filter data on the page (eg: when you are listing your pages)

3. The system menu

The system menu consists of seven groups:

  1. Anastasia Tools: You can edit settings, access the filemanager and create restore points from here. Plugins can add more options here.
  2. Plugins : Manage your plugins here
  3. Design : Access the block manager, manage your site themes and more.
  4. Users: Everything about users is under this menu
  5. Current user: Logout links and more
  6. Shortcuts: View all available shortcuts
  7. Lock screen: Lock the screen and open it with a password. The default password is 1234

4. The Help bar

The help bar contains the breadcrumbs (an easy way to navigate in the admin area) and two icon links: The eye (click and view your site) and the life ring link (click to get some help about the screen you are viewing)

5. Main content

Here, the system will load content and more.


Modal dialogs

Anastasia admin area uses a lot of modal dialogs like the one in the image below:

APP modal dialog

This allows the administrator to do things with minimum page refreshes.


Responsive Admin Area

The admin area of Anastasia APP is fully responsive. This means you can manage your site from your phone, tablet, pc etc.


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