Minimum Requirements To Use Anastasia

We have made Anastasia using modern technologies so there are some minimum requirements your server needs to support. These are present in most hosting providers by default but in rare cases you might need to ask them to configure your hosting account.

The minimum requirements to use the Anastasia APP are:

  • PHP version 5.4 or greater (recommended: PHP 5.5 or greater)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (recommended: MySQL 5.5 or greater)
  • MCrypt extension
  • Apache or Nginx
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module (if using Apache)


Not required, but recommended for using all Anastasia features:


Security tip:

Hosting is more secure when PHP applications, like Anastasia, are run using your account’s username instead of the server’s default shared username. The most common way nowadays for hosting companies to do this is using suPHP. Just ask your potential host if they run suPHP or something similar.

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