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  1. Added distraction free writing mode in the editor
  2. Several JS refactoring under a global variable named app
  3. The blog plugin has been updated. Now you can browse through category,date,author or tag archives


  1. Added PPAs. Now developers can create custom PPAs and distribute their themes and addons through them. Default PPA is
  2. Users can install plugins and themes directly through the filemanager
  3. Upgraded the editor to TinyMCE version 4.1.10
  4. Redesigned the plugins and themes sections
  5. Added Settings API
  6. Added editor plugin to save content as template per user
  7. Made the system faster and lighter by defering some service providers
  8. Added ability to load different layouts for mobile and desktop by introducing the "mobile" section in the Block Manager
  9. Block manager remembers last tab selected.
  10. Added support for inline editing of content and blocks
  11. Now if content URL has changed, Anastasia will resolve the new URL and redirect 301 to the new URL
  12. Added Browser detection to detect browser and operating system of the user
  13. Added hookable functionality to ping services like Ping-o-mattic
  14. Added HTMLPurifier helper function named "pure". All APP models use it by default
  15. Added new validation library with tons of validators
  16. Added Markdown parser library. Plugin developers can use it by calling $md = new Markdown
  17. Added Textile parser library. Plugin developers can use it by calling $textile = new Textile


  • Added ElasticSearch support in models. Page model supports Elastic by default
  • Added debug bar. Now if debug is on the debug bar is on too
  • You can now use the unisearch field to search in elfinder
  • Fixed some design issues in the admin area
  • Added compat.php file.
  • Added PSR-4 in the themes directory (namespace: Themes)
  • Added text_direction setting to support LTR


  • Added ability to go into maintenance mode
  • Fixed some bugs


  1. Added problem notification by email
  2. Fixed bug in installer that would cause sql errors.
  3. Added a new route filter named "plugins". Plugins can now hook into this filter to validate routes
  4. Added login history.



  1. Fixed a bug in the installer
  2. Added support for SQLite
  3. Added support for postgres



  1. Added more path functions in path-functions.php
  2. Added register_tpl_hook func.
  3. Enabled MySQL Strict Mode by default



  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added support for theme templates in the editor
  • Block manager can be manipulated by plugins
  • Changed themes section in the admin area to display themes with images
  • Added max_file_upload setting
  • Added pages block. This allows a page to be displayed in a block with a particular template.
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