Easy Administration

Working with Anastasia is a wonderful experience.
From posting news and articles to managing your assets, Anastasia offers an easy and visually pleasant administration area.
Everything is there at your disposal to do what you want

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Complete Assets Management

Anastasia lets you manage your assets in a way you never seen before. You can browse through your files with a powerful and easy to use filemanager.
Everything you upload, create or extract in the filemanager is available for use on every corner of your site.

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Drag and Drop layouts

Forget about sidebars
Anastasia lets you see what your theme looks like in a block manager and lets you create content blocks (widgets) and add them exactly where you want them to appear.You can drag and drop a widget from one grid to another or rearrange their order

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Easy Menu Management

Creating navigational menus in Anastasia is fun!
Drag 'n Drop support allows you to create multi-nested menus and setup exactly what they do and how they appear in the frontend.
You can create menus from content lists, pointing to content items or custom links.

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Powerful Admin Search

Anastasia is able to search all of your content types, images, videos, audios etc. This allows you to have full control over the content you publish.
You can also search inside zip archives, video metadata, audio metadata and documents.

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Theme Configurator

If your theme supports it, you can change colors, fonts, logos and more through the theme configurator.
The theme configurator allows you to change design elements on your theme and view the changes as they occur.

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Tasks Manager

With the task manager, you can create tasks with a starting and an ending date and assign them to users.
This way, every user that has admin access can see what needs to be done and act accordingly.

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User Roles

Anastasia users can be assigned roles and priviledges.
The administrator can create numerous user groups and browse through them. Assigning a user to a group is simple as a click of the mouse

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Advanced Versioning

Anastasia keeps revisions of your content fields so that you can retrieve and go back to every history point you wish.
The system is not only able to load content items but content item parts too.

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Check out this video. It shows how everyday tasks are getting easily done with Anastasia.

In this video you will see how to:

  • Upload a file with the filemanager
  • Create a new blog post
  • Use the file to populate the editor in the blog post
Testing document loading in Anastasia editor

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